Learning to manage your child’s food allergy can feel overwhelming at first, but there are strategies that can help you through.

Your Christmas Holiday Travel Checklist

My Super-Simple Travel Checklist When you are first told your child has food allergies, it feels like the safest option is to bunker down in your home, close the door and never leave.  But life isn’t meant to be lived that way, and eventually, you do have to emerge...

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Food Allergy and the Holiday Season

Around about now, we are getting to the pointy end of the year.  Halloween, End of School parties/picnics, holidays, Christmas and New Year- are all looming on the horizon (without sounding too sinister!).   So many celebrations, so much travel, a lot of...

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So your child has a food allergy?

Has your child just been diagnosed with a food allergy? Watch my video below to get my thoughts on how to navigate this whole new world you've found yourself in. Steps to making your new allergy diagnosis feel less daunting.  Breathe.  It is honestly my...

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What is FPIES?

FPIES stands for Food Protein-Induced Enterocolitis Syndrome.  It falls within the spectrum of food allergies, although it is a non-IgE mediated allergy, meaning it doesn’t cause immediate reactions such as hives or anaphylaxis. Diagnosis Unlike skin-prick testing for...

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‘Real food’ and allergies.

So I've been noticing ads on bus stops everywhere at the moment suggesting we 'open something real' with pictures of various biscuits spilling out of packets.  I must say I've been wondering what about these biscuits is particularly 'real'- I mean I don't doubt they...

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