Learning to manage your child’s food allergy can feel overwhelming at first, but there are strategies that can help you through.

Food Allergy and starting solids.

The guidelines around the timing of introduction for allergenic foods have changed multiple times over the last decade.  While it may seem confusing and frustrating, what it really reflects is the amount of research going into food allergies and the willingness of...

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Being a good Allergy Friend

One of my friends has recently been told her niece has been diagnosed with food allergies.  She wanted to know what she could do to help support her brother and sister in law while they work this new world out.  Chatting with my husband I realised there are so many...

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Itchy kids!

So with the arrival of winter, we've noticed an increase in eczema symptoms for several of us in the house. Eczema is the medical term given to a red itchy rash caused by inflammation of the outer skin layer.  Atopic dermatitis is a type of eczema that commonly occurs...

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Do you have allergy anxiety?

There is clear evidence that parents of a child with food allergy have higher rates of anxiety. It's entirely natural to worry about your child- it's what every parent does. But when that starts to impact on your quality of life, it's time to take a closer look at...

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Food allergy and fussy eating

Has your child with food allergy got some fussy eating habits going on? There are so many reasons that kids with food allergies can develop picky or problematic food behaviours. It may stem from memories of adverse reactions, of the sometimes limited options available...

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Gut health in children with food allergy

We are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of the gut microbiome in multiple health concerns- including mood and behaviour in children, in addition to more general health issues. There's some evidence that alterations in gut flora are associated with food...

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