Empowered Allergy.

Your complete tool-kit for living well with food allergies.

If your child has been diagnosed with a food allergy, it can feel as though your world has been turned upside down.

There is the immediate concern about making sure they are safe, but then we also desperately want to make sure they are growing, thriving, confident little beings who just happen to have food allergies.

As a parent, it can feel like an exhausting and overwhelming responsibility.


But it shouldn’t have to feel that way.


Three years ago I was in your shoes.  We had just been told my 5-month-old had multiple significant allergies.  We were given EpiPen training, an action plan and some advice around allergen avoidance.

And I went into a tail-spin!

Despite the fact I had a medical degree and had worked as a doctor for nearly ten years before starting our family, I was thrown.

I kept myself busy cooking and cleaning and ‘worrying’ to the point I never really got to enjoy the simple pleasures of having children.  I was constantly focused on what was hard or ‘dangerous’ which was keeping me pretty stuck in a miserable mindset.

Things changed for me when I started to reach out and find information and most importantly the PEOPLE who would help us through this.

I now find nurturing my family with healthy, safe food to be simple. We still have days where kids don’t eat and life gets hectic, but the overwhelm is gone.   

Caleb at 3/1/2 is a thriving, healthy child who loves food and all the social opportunities it provides, despite still having multiple food allergies. 

I have developed Empowered Allergy with the intention that it be used as a tool-kit to help you out of the overwhelm to a place where food is simple, you can enjoy your children again and you know when and where to go for help.

Each module gives you evidence-based, practical information supported by notes and key learning checklists to ensure you are getting the most out of these experts.

What you will find in your toolkit:

Food Allergy Mastery.  Dr. Callie Mackenzie

This is where I take you through my approach to food allergies.  We talk a little science and give you an overview of the medical side of food allergy, but mostly I give you the PRACTICAL steps that I have implemented both in and out of our house to make life soooo much easier.  No fancy equipment required- promise!


Nutrition in Food Allergy.  Lauren Gladman

Lauren Gladman is a Paediatric Dietician, specialising in food allergies. 

In this series of trainings, Lauren takes us through what our kids should be eating for adequate growth and optimal health.

We talk about kids, nutrition, growth, gut health, meeting feeding milestones, and navigating social events when your little one has food allergies.

Lauren deals with children with food allergies every single day.  She brings a wealth of confidence and evidence-based advice to the conversation with a healthy sprinkling of real-life common sense.


Fussy Eating in Food Allergy Kids- Debra Alvarez.

Debra Alvarez from Feeding Kids Sydney is a Speech Pathologist who specialises in fussy eating and has extensive experience with feeding difficulties related to food allergy.

Debbie changed our lives.  She took a little man who was terrified of eating with almost complete food refusal and with her incredible patience and compassionate approach gave ME the tools to grow him into the child he is today who loves food and will give (almost) anything a crack!

Debbie gives advice and strategies that you can implement the very same day with a clear plan going forward.


Mindset Matters.  Dr. Hayley Watson

Dr. Hayley Watson is a Child and Adolescent Psychologist.

Hayley shares tips to help support your child through difficult aspects of food allergy- including skin prick tests, oral food challenges, and reintroducing foods after a successful challenge.

Hayley also gives advice on ways to coach your child through telling their peers about their food allergies and how to respond to ‘allergy bullying’.

And because she is an absolute legend who understands that you can’t help a child without also helping the parents, she also shares strategies that will help you to prioritise self-care, mindfulness, to process the extra mental load you are carrying as a parent to a child with food allergies.


Fun In the Kitchen!

Katie Milne from ‘Something from Kate’- acclaimed chef and allergy mum.

Katie is a phenomenal classically trained chef.  She was thrown a curveball when her middle child was diagnosed with multiple food intolerances and was placed on a highly restrictive diet.  

It changed the way she looked at food & socialising and it dramatically deepened her understanding of the power of inclusion.

Katie and I have some fun in the kitchen cooking allergy safe meals that her kids love- and I’m sure you will too.


Imagine if you could have:

  • A child who rediscovers that food can be fun
  • A child who feels understood and supported
  • A simpler approach to feeding your family
  • Parents who feel like they are back in control
  • Meaningful connection with like-minded people traveling the same path.


Here’s what Empowered mums are saying:

‘I love this course!  The videos and interviews really help you realise as a mum you are not alone and your feelings and worries are normal.  Most importantly, there are practical steps you can take immediately and a light at the end of the tunnel’  Michelle, Ashfield Sydney


Frequently Asked Questions

Is this for me if I‘m already seeing my own dietician?

Empowered Allergy is a complete package- it gives you access to specialised information and advice from a dietician, a ‘fussy eating’ specialist, a psychologist and a chef.  It is a resource that covers a wide gamut of issues you may encounter on your allergy journey.

Food allergy is about so much more than just food and I’m guessing that if you are still looking for solutions and a way to make a better life for you and your family, Empowered Allergy may still have something to offer.

We’ve been dealing with food allergy for a while now.  Does Empowered Allergy have anything to offer me?

This completely depends on where you are at right now and how you are feeling about it all.  If you are on top of it, don’t experience much stress around food, social occasions, your child eats a diverse range of safe foods without much drama, then you sound like you’re in a pretty great place.  

In my opinion, the information and strategies discussed in Empowered Allergy could benefit everyone, but the most benefit is probably going to be felt by those who are feeling a bit stretched- who know there is a better way, and just need a hand up to get there.

Does Empowered Allergy replace the need to see our own specialists?

No.  The Empowered Allergy course is a series that provides evidence-based general advice and strategies to troubleshoot some of the common issues faced by families dealing with food allergies.  It does not remove the need to attend your immunologist appointments or other specialist referrals.  We give clear guidelines on when and how to seek specific help for each discipline within Empowered Allergy.  Empowered Allergy is a tool that can help you on your allergy journey but does not replace your medical care team.

I don’t have a lot of time right now- is this just another thing to add to my ‘to do list’?

NOOOOOOOO!!  I know how busy you are, how overwhelmed you can feel.  This is simple information that you can watch in your own time with tips and strategies that you can implement straight away to see the benefits.  It will make life easier, not harder.

Is there a guarantee this will work?

I stand behind the information and strategies in this toolkit.  I have used them myself and know that they work.  If you are not happy, I want to know so I can try and help.  To help you feel even more confident about your investment, we offer a 14-day money back guarantee. 


Bonus offers:

Facebook group– a great place to meet other parents on the same journey.  I conduct live teaching in the group, provide new recipes (targeted towards the needs of the group) and have exciting expert interviews lined up.

Access to recipe e-booklets, including Whole and Happy, Lunchbox Legends, Perfectly awesome Parties, Sensory Play for Allergy Kids


I am not sure how much you’ve spent on therapies and expensive ingredients and visits to different practitioners, but I estimate over the years I’ve spent thousands.  The value of this toolkit lies in its ability to give you information relevant to ‘growing’ a child with allergies, but much more importantly actionable steps that result in you feeling more confident and massively reducing mealtime stress.

If you are ready to get your team of experts geared towards moving you out of allergy overwhelm, then click below to purchase for only $250.