Has your child just been diagnosed with a food allergy?

Watch my video below to get my thoughts on how to navigate this whole new world you’ve found yourself in.

Steps to making your new allergy diagnosis feel less daunting.

 Breathe.  It is honestly my number one tip for a reason.  You have been thrown a curve-ball and need to allow yourself time to process it- there may be grief, guilt, fear, relief, any feeling you can name.  They are all valid responses to this diagnosis and all deserve space to be felt, acknowledged and processed.

Get organised. I have spoken previously about getting my pantry organised- organisation also extends to things like meal planning (takeaway will often be a mine-field), updating school or preschool about action plans, medication changes, holidays and nights out become major undertakings- all made easier with systems and planning.

Educate those around you- using words like ‘safe and unsafe’ when describing food is so important- show people your action plan, explain what a reaction might look like for your child, show them where the allergy medications are kept.  show them the systems you have in your house that keep your child safe.  It might not be the most ‘fun’ topic of conversation, but it keeps your child safer

Find your tribe– these days our villages are far-flung and often found online at 3 am- it is so important in food allergy to build connections and community that will understand the journey you are on.  You will learn from each other, inspire each other and get support on those days when everything feels too hard.  It is ok to reach out for help.  In fact, I’d say it’s 100%, not negotiable necessary.

Learn what you need to fill your cup.  This can be a hard lesson to learn for any mum, but with all the added layers of planning, responsibility, and worry that comes with food allergy, it is so important.