Ease the pain of allergen exclusion with our Substitute Series.


Get your very own shortcut to re-setting your pantry with allergy-safe foods to get you feeding your family with minimal overwhelm.


Has your child recently been diagnosed with a food allergy?

Do you feel overwhelmed and unsure where to start with this new way of feeding your family?

Do you wish there was a simple guide to get you started, to save you time and money lost to trial and error?


Then the Substitute Series is a great option for you.


Over the last decade, the rate of food allergy has risen dramatically in Australia.  4-8% of Australian children will be diagnosed with a food allergy and of those children, 30% will be allergic to more than one food.  

My name is Callie and I’m a mum of 3.  My youngest child has 5 significant food allergies, including anaphylaxis to nuts and sesame.  Caleb hadn’t even started solids when he had an inadvertent exposure to peanut butter courtesy of his 2yr old big brother.  Within 10 minutes of his lip being touched by a sticky finger, I was calling an ambulance and entering the world of food allergies- kicking and screaming!

Overnight, food went from being a way to nurture my little family to feeling like a major threat, and I very quickly succumbed to an overwhelming cycle of endless cooking, cleaning, and worrying.  I lost my ability to relax and just enjoy my kids, simply because I was so focused on keeping Caleb safe.

I was incredibly lucky to have a background as a doctor and a medical researcher.  I used my contacts to reach out for help and I used my skills as a researcher to find my way out of the black hole I’d unwittingly fallen into- these two things were my lifeline and my way through.

I have learned so much over the last 3 years.  I have read endless journals, spoken to experts in the field, reached out to other allergy mums and have lived this experience daily.  I have completely re-framed this food allergy thing so that it no longer controls our lives- food is fun again in our house, we no longer feel as though we are missing out on anything or are living with a sense of threat.  


I know how bewildering those early days of an allergy diagnosis feel and how hard it can feel to feed your family when familiar foods are now off the menu.


But it doesn’t have to be this way.


If you are ready for it to feel easier, to feel connected, to feel supported then this is for you.

  • I will guide you through specific allergens and how I replace them.
  • I will introduce you to some products that have become an invaluable part of my pantry
  • I’ll give you some recipes to get you started.

All the information is provided in videos and backed up with fact sheets for you to print out and reference easily.



When I first started cooking ‘allergy-free’ i spent hours searching the supermarket and online for information about how to replace ingredients or foods so that Caleb didn’t have to miss out on things we generally take for granted.  I tried so many different flours and replacements and products that it got very confusing and expensive. The Substitute Series gives you the benefit of all my mistakes! The information you get will give you specific brands I have found to be the most ‘kid friendly’, multiple ways to substitute allergens to get the desired effect so you don’t have to go through it all yourself.  You will know what to put in your pantry, how to use the new ingredients and will get a few recipes and ideas to get you started.  



Here’s what some Mums are saying:

‘I’m incredibly grateful.  I had no idea where to start with a wheat-free transition and you provided me with such wonderful building blocks.  Since watching your videos and reading your blog I’ve learned so much and every day it gets a little easier. Thank you.’ Tara A Melbourne

I am so glad I found this.  I wish I knew about this in our first couple of weeks of our diagnosis, but it has still opened up so many foods that I hadn’t even considered’ Amanda G Sydney

 Frequently Asked Questions.

If I am already seeing a dietician, is The Substitute Series for me?

The Substitute Series is not intended to replace your dietician’s input, rather to work in a complementary fashion.  Often with food allergy, you are told to avoid a particular food, and given suggestions for alternatives but then are not sure where to start with unfamiliar ingredients.  The Substitute Series is a fast-track to confidence with allergy cooking.

Are the modules suitable for a child with FPIES?

Because FPIES and EoE are not IgE mediated allergies, often the foods that need to be avoided aren’t ‘typical’ allergens.  If you are needing help with substitutes and recipe ideas in these conditions, please contact me directly and we can discuss whether the modules are appropriate for your child’s dietary restrictions.

Do I have to be a good cook to sign up for this?

No way!  The whole idea of The Substitute Series is to make things easier for you.  Often in food allergies, you will be making food from scratch.  My recipes are all simple and I show you how to use each new ingredient- how to prepare it, what it should look like, and when to use it.  There are no fancy techniques involved!


So if you are ready to fast-track your allergy-safe pantry, purchase now for $25 per module.